Top 10 Best Job Boards for IT and Software Jobs in the UK

Traditional job boards may ask you to review hundreds, if not thousands, of job postings to find the right job. Using the IT job board, which specialises in listing job openings for developers and IT-related roles, can help you connect with recruiters with openings matching your background and experience. Fortunately, there are job boards that streamline the process for both employers and applicants. Here are the 10 best tech job boards for software developers and other IT jobs.

  1. is the major UK IT job board that attracts a wide range of IT specialists: software developers, security specialists, consultants, testers, IT managers, technical support technicians, etc. As part of the Digital Media Ads job board network, the platform offers various recruiting services, including presence on partner sites, free candidate management tools and a database of candidate CVs. IT Job Board also offers employer branding opportunities, including a company profile page section and complementary video content. Advertised job posts will be shared with the site's partner job boards, including IT Jobs Near Me and IT Jobs London, and advertised on the forum's social media profiles.


CWJobs is one of the UK's leading IT and technology specialist recruitment platforms. Allows you to post long and short-term job offers. Recruiters get to hire job seekers in all areas of technology, while seeking job seekers in particular niches fit for them. CWJobs is one of the job exchanges of the TotalJobs group, which guarantees the quality of service provision.



Technojobs is another employment platform that specialises in the technical and IT market. The brand also operates a network of specialised partner websites, so finding a specific type of candidate could be much easier compared to other similar resources. Although the design is a bit dated, the website is easy to use thanks to the thoughtful arrangement of the basic UI components. The platform’s “monitoring system” emails recruiters when relevant candidates sign up.

  1. Haystack

With Haystack, you can easily find IT jobs. This tech careers site has hundreds of employers, large companies as well as small startups that use it to reach out to tech experts. According to their research, candidates discover an opportunity every 60 seconds through this website/app, and over 50% of Haystack users consider themselves passive candidates. Haystack allows people to remain up-to-date and discover fresh prospects worth considering. So don't sleep on it.


Is your company's headquarters in London or the Greater London area? You may also want to hire employees at this location. Boolerang meets these requirements well as it aims to provide recruitment services in the mentioned area. Recruiters can choose between two different pricing plans depending on their needs. Standard featured listing that offers several additional promotional features, such as mentioning it in the company’s newsletter and social media channels.

  1. Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies is specifically aimed at women in the technology industry and requires users to apply for membership. However, membership is free and includes a subscription to a weekly newsletter. So don't let the membership request put you off. Tech Ladies not only screens applicants but also those posting job openings to ensure users don't face toxic interviews or scams. It is important to note that Tech Ladies boasts of more than one hundred thousand members thus going beyond the traditional role of a simple job board. The site runs frequently a women’s day on a tech forum with lessons, coding classes, career mentorship, and so on.


Womenintech JOBS is part of a platform dedicated to supporting women in technology. The site offers career advice for both entry and professional-level individuals seeking to join the technology industry. Employer profiles, technical events, training information and so on.  There are numerous ways for employers and recruiters to engage with and brand candidates: job postings, advertising, mailings, databases, content, social advertising and targeting, or partnerships.


DevITjobs takes pride in being a user-friendly and convenient job board with multiple real-life success stories of companies finding great new hires every day. The platform was designed by a collection of software experts in order to create a comfortable environment for IT professionals looking for new career opportunities. Unlike other IT job boards, DevITjobs is completely transparent with developers. The key feature of the platform relates to the provision of clarity to each job posting, which indicates in advance what is required from each candidate.


Do you primarily hire Python developers and specialists? Why not try posting your vacancies on the language's official website? What better place could there be? Posting is completely free but requires submission to ensure the site remains a trustworthy place to find software and IT jobs. Jobs should primarily focus on Python because employees spend most of their time writing Python. Otherwise, the submission will be rejected.

  1. IT Job Pro

IT Job Pro is one of the most popular niche sites for IT jobs. Go to the present job openings in companies like Tesla, Teradata,, and others. Pricing options range from £75 for a simple job posting to £199 for access to the CV repository. The platform offers comprehensive search and categorization features, including various search areas (e.g. keywords, location, salary, distance, job type or industry) or selecting a recommended employer below to view open positions.